Smart technical solutions

from customer demand to customer needs

Nothing special, but still different. This is what yields the best results. Vezet Group is an innovative company that thinks along, wants to unburden its customers and helps to solve problems. Our skilled mechanics and engineers work with passion and heart for the business. With our flexible and solution-oriented attitude, we can tackle a variety of problems with simple solutions.

Our customers often come to us with mechanical and electrical systems they want to improve. The solutions often result from a logical approach and creativity.

What type of projects are we talking about?

Re-engineering a particular mechanical part in a machine.

For example, changing a bag clamp from crude steel to stainless steel 316.

Replacing an old PLC control with a new control

For example, PLC and HMI controllers by Hitachi, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider and Omron.

Supplying new packaging lines in collaboration with partners.

Supplying a refurbished packaging line.

Replacing heavy labour with robots or other tools, in other words: automating with smart tools.

This could include a robot for palletising bags, or a roller track for bags supply.

'Smart' fine tuning of existing packaging lines.

Smart adjustments to controls or other parts of the machine.

From customer demand to customer needs

Vezet Group works on the basis of customer focus, this is our strength. Virtually any question is a challenge.
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