Construction work

In recent years, Vezet Group has become more involved in construction work for machine and equipment construction. Our construction department uses steel, stainless steel or aluminium as the basis for this. Examples include:

  • landings
  • stairs
  • bunkers
  • stainless steel dosing screws
  • clamps


At Vezet Group, we understand that certain items need to be tailor-made. Every day, we overhaul different types of machines and we come across issues that are not in the drawings.

Even if you only have an idea or rough outline, this is no problem for us. We are happy to help you create the design. Once we have the drawings ready, we can go through your wishes together with you in order to eventually produce what you want.

What is the added value of Vezet Group:

Fast, short lines of communication through contact with professionals.

We think along with your design or outline.

Because of our passion, we see every project as a challenge!

Design process

Construction work is commissioned and produced based on drawings. Our engineers use the Inventor program.
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